Due Diligence

Comprehensive due diligence to guide and support our investment decisions.


An investment decision is only as good as the information and analysis that informs it. We perform opportunity due diligence to assess the opportunity from the core out. Due diligence capability is one of the firm’s core assets, through which we are able to ensure success on each and every investment. We don’t just rely on our in-house team for conducting due diligence, we ensure that every transaction has its own dedicated team that comprises industry/field experts as well as external partners to cover all technical, strategic and financial aspects of the deal under evaluation.

“Dotting every i, crossing every t”

It may be a cliché, but we pride ourselves on our attention to detail – on leaving no stone unturned. Given the complexity of even a standard deal, our “core outwards” assessment methodology is useful since it compels us to see the opportunity from every angle and be sure we’ve addressed any issues or concerns along the way.