Structuring/Negotiating Transactions

Structuring transactions for maximum advantage.


Some deals sound great in theory but when all is said and done, the actual structure of the transaction fails to facilitate the anticipated value creation. The result: shareholder disappointment and erosion of competitive position.

SCAS Capital Professionals have extensive experience in the markets in which they operate. When identifying and structuring deals and transactions, our approach elicits and ranks requirements for joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, green field projects and IPOs. We develop a thorough understanding the underlying strategy and key success factors in any given transaction. We are capable of structuring innovative solutions, in particular when operating in tough emerging markets (e.g, Iraq) to ensure highest protection levels of our underlying assets, while safeguarding our financial returns, and in so doing we are maximizing value to our investors.

SCAS analyzes every aspect of a deal and proposes a custom-tailored solution factoring in alignment of interests, risk mitigation, value maximization and strategic advantage while ensuring we retain absolute control on every transaction we execute.