The Firm

Multiple funds under management with a single focus: Superior Performance.

For any private equity investment, the challenge is figuring out how to deliver consistently risk-adjusted high returns in economically challenging times. It was to remedy this reality that SCAS Capital assembled a one-of-a-kind team of investment managers to offer our Limited Partners a unique firm where the best minds with complementary skills could be brought to bear on such challenges.

Our approach to investing is to recognize value (or the potential for value) where others cannot see it. This contrarian philosophy is what helps deliver consistent and outstanding performance because we dedicate the right mix of capital, time, and management expertise to make successful investments out of challenging situations.

The result, SCAS Capital, is a boutique private equity firm unlike any other. We serve the needs of investors demanding superior performance while continually building upon our trusted relationships with our Limited Partners to create successful and enduring investment partnership.

We are proud that SCAS Capital professionals in aggregate are the largest investor in every fund we raise. This commitment highlights our core principle of alignment with our investors and management teams.