Our firm’s investment philosophy revolves around the idea of partnership. This approach has benefited our firm, not least because it sets us apart as a choice for partner for fellow investors, local partners and Limited Partners.

We believe in targeting investments with the competitive advantage that release value and limit our risk to the appreciate value of the underlying assets under our control. We choose assets that have the lowest volatility over the long term while achieving returns that are superior in comparison to other low-risk investments. We do so by acquiring the assets that rely on a number of different economic systems, residing in different geographical regions.

To gain this diversification, we work with local entities and partners that not only have a significant knowledge of the market, but also have a proven track record of success. In addition, we invest in a asset class that is backed by sovereign credit and/or with secure/captive clientele in place.

Finally, we believe in having a strong local market presence by having a solid representation in place. This strategy enables to gain the required national experience we need as well as maintain the supervision and audit level required for control.